Surrounded by the overwhelming wilderness of Africa, where there are few buildings, no night lights, and delicious air, we were mesmerized by the beauty of the moon.
Africa is still in an era of confusion. We want to bring the beautiful light of the moon to the world.

We felt sad that Japanese sushi culture is spreading in Kenya in a different way and that we cannot experience authentic Sushi.

Authentic sushi is served one-on-one at the counter and is only available within reach of a single chef. Therefore, seats are limited, and It is often the case that top sushi restaurants in Japan are booked up for a year or more.

Therefore, we set out to expand the authentic sushi culture to Kenya and even the African continent.

We chose the Kempinski Hotel, a top international brand, as the starting point for our challenge. The Kempinski Hotel is a highly prestigious five-star hotel in Kenya and is used by top executives from various fields, including President Obama.

We were also determined to create an authentic sushi restaurant that would impress our customers with its Japanese-quality interior.

It was a series of hardships, but we overcame them with our partners who came together through the project.
Sushi Mitsuki shines a ray of light on the African restaurant industry.